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Archibald's have been in business for over 60 years. We are currently employing the 4th generation of Archibald boys. We started in the fuel business with just one gas pump and a small shack. We have now grown to a 7 bay shop with 13 employees We have dropped the fuel side of the business and focus on the tire and mechanic work.


Meet Our Staff

Brad Archibald

Brad Archibald : Owner

Dad has been here his whole life, minus a short time at U of U. (He thought he wanted to be a dentist) He works on the service trucks with Reggie. You can always count on him for an entertaining story. He has a very giving heart, and is the reason that we have friends all over the world.

Beck Archibald

Becky Archibald : Owner

Mom graduated from Stevens-Henager a really long time ago in book keeping. Rumor has it that she held the record for fastest typing. (I heard it was like 250 words a minute!) Is it cheasy to say that she is the glue that holds us together? Without her the bills wouldn't get paid. Speaking of paid, she is the most popular person on payday.

Reggie Archibald

Wesley Archibald : Owner/Manager

 Wes came back to the business a few years ago. He got his Technical Sales Degree from Weber State and spent several years in the medical industry. He always has his clubs so invite him to go play golf.


Jeff Archibald

Jeff Archibald : Owner/Manager

 Jeff lives and breathes for this business. Most of the time you can't find him because he is busy helping someone get the best deal or finding something that others have said impossible. He is an eBay guru with a Power Seller status. If you need help selling something, he is your man.


Reggie : Owner/Manager

Some people say Reggie has one speed...Full Throttle. Reggie runs our outside service trucks and tow trucks. If you need help out on the road, he will be the one to help. He operates on only a few hours of sleep. Don't be fooled, everything he does is extremely difficult...he just makes it look easy.


Ryan Kendrick : Sales Manager

 We are glad to have Ryan with us. Ryan brings a lot of knowledge about 4x4, lift kits and other custom modifications. That is in addition to his impressive knowledge about tires, mechanics and business. His wife Christyn is a school teacher. They have one of the coolest kids you will ever meet.

Brett Petersen

Brett Petersen : Technician

 Brett has been with us for 6 years. He is currently working on his ASE Certification. He enjoys singing along to the music here and is always in a good mood.

 Travis Nessen

Travis Nessen : Technician

 Travis is the rookie of our group. However, he is, by no means, a rookie. Travis has spent several years working for dealerships here in Utah. He goes by the nickname "Mugs." He has a dog that, if you are lucky, will see here on occasion.

Glenn Morrisson

Glenn Morriss : Technician

 Glenn is our bull in a china shop minus the bull and minus the china shop. He works for us part time and also Walmart Dist. Say hello next time you see him 




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